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Wigwam wool with liner built in a 15 buck socks get it at an army Surplus store. Also at a construction trades shop for work clothes found great socks at 7 bucks a pair loaded up on them — mostly a poly bend but cushy. Who wear MUCK boots? They are great for ice snow mud and slush and rain — that’s their name MUCK boots all sorts of designs well worth the money — There’s NO laces on them.

I don’t have the Muck brand but I bought a high end pair of winter boots last year. I also have quite a few good wool socks. If you can keep your feet, hands, and head warm the rest of the body will take care of itself. I have a pair of high end winter gloves and a nice bomber/trapper hat that works well in the coldest weather.

The other thing of paramount importance is staying dry. I bought a pair of hip waders after misjudging how deep the water was that resulted in the knee high boots I was wearing filling with 32 degree water. I had chopped away ice in a small stream to unplug a pipe and then had to reach down with my hand to pull away some debris. This was only a few hundred feet from the house and in the couple minutes it took to get there I could hardly walk or use my hands due to the effect of the cold water. The air temp was in the low teens I think. Once you are wet in cold temps your situation deteriorates rapidly.