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The scout monocular looks good to me

The Scout is exactly what I got. There are two versions, I just found the marine version about $10 cheaper from a vendor on Amazon (after verifying with the FLIR folks that they honor warranties on Amazon purchases – they do). There is ZERO technological or operational difference between the land version and the marine version, other than the outer color of the device.

I really like it. I’ve found that I’d probably only use the white on black, rather than the different color schemes, but that’s a personal preference. I found that picking out the warm objects (critters only, so far) is much easier with them showing up as the brightest white, with a darker or black background. Just be aware that FLIRs need unimpeded line of sight, meaning NO glass in between. You cannot use it through a window, or to see if someone’s inside a car (also through a window). It’s got to have direct access to the heat signature. But if your questionable object/person/critter is behind some bushes, particularly at night after any of the sun-generated heat is gone from the bushes, the heat from a person is quite noticeable through the little cracks between the leaves and branches. My wife was able to easily pick me up while squatting behind some scrawny bushes about 50 feet out. There is zero doubt it would have worked at and beyond 100 feet.

During the day, it was really intriguing just how clearly squirrels showed up on a warm day, hanging on the side of a large oak about 50 feet out. The tree was light grey, but the squirrels were brilliant white. Some leaves higher up were also quite bright white due to direct sunlight having heated them from overhead, but it’s amazing how well the unit calibrates to the average heat signatures in whatever view you’ve got – totally unlike a “regular” night vision device that simply cannot be used in daylight. And at night, with no heating from the sun, warm blooded creatures are exceptionally visible. I just don’t happen to like the various color schemes – b/w or w/b seems to provide the best definition of what I bought it for.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming – clothing. ;-) (Sorry ’bout that, folks.)