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For anyone not following what just happened in Italy, it’s well worth following. Their version of Brexit may not be far behind, in which case the EU/Euro may be ultra-fragile very shortly. Worth watching. Of course,

In other financial news, despite the above, the $US remains above 100, oil above $50, and gold and silver remain in the channel they’ve been in for a while now, with no really significant movement – despite potentially earth-shaking events.

And finally, read the following Casey Research article on cash-less “money.” It’s getting closer and closer, with no hint of same in the news media horizon. As usual, be aware that “Casey Research” is about as “genuine” as Florsheim shoes are today. Both Casey and Florsheim were bought out (Florsheim long ago, and Casey more recently by that ethical giant {choke!}, Porter Stansberry. So avoid clicking on any of the links in the following article – just read the main page content for what it’s worth, because it does happen to come from outside sources, not Stansberry hacks. (Typical Stansberry ploy – a little good information from a reliable source, use solely to frighten people into clicking on the Stansberry links that promise total protection and unending wealth.) Doug Casey has a less-than 50% interest in the company now, and it deeply shows. Still, this is a good article if taken simply by itself.


In a cash-less world, you will either live in an alternative economy (barter, etc.) and risk legal consequences, or live in an economy based in even less reality than the one we’re living in now, with every single transaction monitored, recorded, and entered into a database associated with your “profile.”