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Keep focused, folks. Underlying it all is the fact that there is still fundamental evil in this world. Call it satanic-inspired if so inclined, or just plain evil genetics combined with high IQ. Either way, there is fundamental evil, and what we see is NOT generally what we really are getting (lots of head fakes, end-arounds, smoke screens, etc.). The media is controlled, and too often even WE buy into stories that are proliferating (self included). There are groups that – while not necessarily directly connected – are effectively connected because they resonate with other similar “kindred spirits” (no religious intent necessarily applied in that statement). And those groups have, regardless of means, managed to capture control of the political/economic/social/education systems of the world. Some of the great rivalries of history have turned out to be part of the plan – in other words, not what they seemed after all, once the eventual outcome of the conflicts took shape – the US Democrat and Republican Parties being just one, but one prime example. Elizabeth Warren and Paul Ryan partners in crime? Certainly not if you believe the news media. And I’m not even ruling out the Clinton-Trump or Romney-Trump rivalries as bogus.

Me? I plan for what I can control as best I can, try to watch what’s going on with as few filters as I can be aware of, keep my head relatively low, and take time away from it all to interact with good people, doing good for (and with) other people, and strongly keep the Serenity Prayer as close to the top of my conscious awareness as possible.