WB you can buy FLIR and THOR tech on the internet, When have you seen just plain video from drones and of course they would not use that here only in war situations… if you believe that well then no need to do anything the government will look after you.

being aware of what is out there and how to counter it is knowledge, Prepare while you can still get items and hope you dont have to use is like having gun+ bullets and dont go and get skills to use till you need them.

Wrong opponent who do you think the opponent is? In a breakdown do you think people with force multipliers like this will leave them because its not fair to use against you… just like they dont use in kinetic actions against insert the blank people.

Wrong opponent? Simple, first of all, why would anyone like want to look at little ‘ol me?
Seriously. I’m no threat to the .gov, not some retired super ninja able to topple governments, not storing 37 years worth of TP,
Fact is, unlike most I don’t attract the attention of pretty much anyone, let alone enough for them to waste valuable batteries on me. Especially after shtf.

Who’s going to be running around with these force multipliers? Zombie mutant bikers? The Mary Kay Commandos? Who are these bad people? Seriously.

I say again, if I’m worried about the heat signature, I screwed up. I didn’t keep a low profile, I planned and executed poorly.