Gun vs bow?
Easy choice. Gun.
There are a number of reasons why, but the basics are simple.

First, I don’t need two hands to shoot a gun.
Even a longgun.
That may not seem like much, but it’s more important than one thinks.
You fall down, your arthritis acts up, you are carrying something, all can preclude the use of an arm. Suddenly you are unable to gather food, to defend oneself, ones family.

Range. The only food available may just be that deer at 100y. My chances of of putting that critter on the table are exponentially better even with a handgun than any bow.

Sure that deer may only run 75y after you push a broadhead through it, but where is that 75y?
In front of another hunter? Someone hunting me now?

Defense with a bow?
Ever hear someone impaled with something?
The bow may be quiet but they aren’t.

I have to chuckle when I read about someone making arrows,especially for a compound bow in the field. It’s hard enough to make one for my little 45# recurve that don’t shatter, in my shop let alone in the field.
And that’s assuming good wood, not sagebrush like grows here.

Worse comes to worse, I have a better chance of making more ammo, than arrows. Repriming with a match head, black powder or something similar, paper patching a projectile to fit.

More to follow.