I see Trump playing a grand game of chess here. Unlike Zeros game of marbles with no aggies.

Chao? Brilliant move, it puts McConnell in a sticky spot. Effectively shutting him up.

Clarke? Excellent. The Gitmo bit, meh.
But the pro America sentiment and no BS pro-2A attitude, along with a real working knowledge of LE, it’s a win.

Romney? Great controlling move. Put him in a place where he has to play along. Don’t criticize the boss.

And yes he’s putting business people in place, great. Money talks and everyone hears. We can plan for it and expect it. Our country has had some of its greatest times when these guys were in charge. I can plan for greed, expect it.

Beats fanatical zealots trying to make the world better (according to them) and making everyone else toe the line. Fuscia lives matter! Don’t hurt my feelings! I need a safe space!

Stripping citizenship from flag burners? What a beautifully evil concept. Never happen, but what a dream. Now before everyone starts calling me a facist or Tory again, think about that for a minute.
Look at the flag burners, is there really any question whether they are smart enough to make an informed, educated decision on something as important as an election? They’re burning a flag. Stupidity in action, and they’re proud of it.

Again, it won’t happen but having had multiple family members buried under that flag, former brothers and sisters in Blue buried under that flag, what I am tempted to do when I see the flag disrespected makes losing ones citizenship seem minor in comparison.
Certainly less painful.