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Why was Castro not merely allowed, but aided, by various American interests, in establishing a communist state, allied with the Soviet Union, only 90 miles away, in the first place? Why was the invasion a disaster from the basic overly optimistic and lousy OPSEC plan? May as well ask why WWII European theater operations were conducted to allow the Soviets to take over Eastern Europe, or why the State Dept. arranged for all the captured Japanese arms and munitions to fall into the hands of the Chinese communists instead of our “ally,” the Nationalists. For that matter, ask why the nation that once was the beacon of freedom has become the Dark Side of the Force to much of the world, some of present company included.

Clearly, it’s not because so many ordinary Americans directly asked for those results, though by their lack of attention to their civic duties, they have allowed it. But there are people and forces beyond everyday casual remedies, and it would take more thought and persistence than most sheepizens are willing to give, to fix things, which is why most of us are here.

Cry, "Treason!"