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Some of us have resisted getting passports. How sad it is! I used to live in the Buffalo area, and remember taking dates to the Falls and then driving back on the Canadian side to the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, stopping along the way sometimes at night along the River to “watch the submarine races.” [For anyone that doesn’t get that – oh well …. ;-) ] So if the training was up there, even if I spent the money to fly in to Buffalo, I still couldn’t do what I used to freely do in years past, and just drive across the bridge — not to mention driving in snow and ice anymore (it’s been almost 50 years since I left that kind of driving), plus trying to tolerate the cold after all these years where it’s HORRIBLE if it’s below 30°F down here (LOL!) in the smokey, semi-sunny, dry South (more than a foot below average annual rainfall so far this year, and a month and a half since the last drop of rain).