Tried the Flecktarn a couple of times.
Worked in the alpine areas of Colorado in summer and early fall, but not so good elsewhere (where I was) or other seasons.

Around here, the old Rhodesian “Brushstroke” and German 1931 “Splittertarnmuster” work extremely well.

As a GP color, the South African “Nutria” is extremely useful most of the year. In the off season, the old US OD Green works until it fades out.

Our WalMart actually special orders a “sagebrush” pattern of clothing that is perfect nearly six months of the year here. Can’t remember who makes it but will check.

Backpacks are very personal, much like boots. What works for one person, in one place may not “fit” the next person. Learned this the hard way with the kids not just my own mistakes.