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What concerns me is what the nation does, as official policy, regardless of the details of who knew what and when. After all these years, I don’t recall the details of exactly HOW the Bay of Pigs disaster was allowed (or made) to happen, but I simply cannot help see parallels between that and what we did in Iraq – promising certain groups plenty of support, and then failing to back them up, leading to a slaughter and deadly rivalries that continue today.

And Tolik’s point is quite valid also – how is a brutal Cuban dictatorship allowed just 90 miles from the US with virtually no United States blood shed (though we went to the very brink of a full-on nuclear war by virtue of having allowed it all to happen), yet we sent nearly 60,000 to their deaths in Vietnam over a bogus incident in the Tonkin Gulf, half a world away (not to mention those we killed on the other side, innocent or otherwise)? And we have far exceeded the 9/11 deaths in the US through our regime change experiments from north Africa up through the middle east and SW Asia, all in the name of protecting “our” freedom? How does THAT work?

Side (and very personal) note to all that – a very dear friend dropped dead yesterday, most certainly the result of all of his injuries and other issues related to everything from Vietnam to Panama. It almost literally breaks my heart.

Perhaps the 60s radicals were more right than we had any idea at the time…. Thank goodness a marvelous twist of fate kept me from taking my first choice out of pilot training to fly low and slow over jungle canopies, directing in air strikes at “bad guys.” And anyone that thinks we weren’t fighting a proxy war with both China and Russia does not know what was going on at the time. How many captured American pilots ended up in the USSR will likely never be known.

Meanwhile, our POS commander-in-chief (cannot bring myself to capitalize that title) sits back and skillfully avoids ANY denunciation of Castro. Queue up Sonny and Cher: ♫ “And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on….” ♪♫