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The Kennedy’s made a deal with Russia at the time. He let the Cubans that were going to the bay of pigs land there and never gave then air support.

Freedom, your overall facts are right, but the question is, why? The entire Bay of Pigs op was a CIA plot developed in the closing years of the Eisenhower presidency, with Nixon’s participation, in the expectation that he’d be elected. By some reports, JFK hadn’t been in on the planning, but was presented with a fait acompli, on the day the CIA launched the invasion, expecting to force Kennedy’s hand. But he’d made a deal with the Soviets, and wasn’t going to let a rogue agency screw it up.

How much he knew in advance will probably always be in dispute, but what I saw of his style persuades me that he wasn’t the type to kill people for trifles. Presidents good and bad, including the current occupant of the Public Housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in the District of Criminals, are often blamed for things they can’t control, and only discover after the fact. There are too many pieces in motion on the 3D chessboard that is our government.

Cry, "Treason!"