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I’m not sure there’s a great deal to discuss about it time-wise, but it’s well worth at least addressing a new element of psychological trauma people will have to deal with in SHTF situations. I say “new” because it has never been a factor before in previous SHTF situations.

Very large numbers of people in the U.S. are prescribed various medications for depression, anxiety, etc., and when that supply chain is suddenly cut off, there will be some very unhinged people walking around. I’d expect even more home break-ins, with people just as desperate for meds as the starving people are for food. What will be worse is the fact that many of those people will be even more irrational to deal with than just the starving ones.

Many of those kinds of drugs are exceptionally difficult to get off of even when withdrawn very, very slowly. And that kind of withdrawal is unlike opiate withdrawal. When it’s sudden withdrawal, especially, I cannot even imagine what it will really be like with millions of such people suddenly coming unhinged. I think it’s at least worth pondering and addressing in the seminar.

I don’t suppose you’d consider an east coast seminar as well, would you? Atlanta is unlikely to have snow/ice problems even in February (possible, but rare), and a lot of people in the South are far more into “prepping” than some other areas of the nation. I suspect the additional aspects that would be discussed by Selco, beyond what most people think of as “prepping,” would be quite welcome. And Atlanta is easily accessible both by air (home base of Delta Airlines) and driving (multiple Interstate highways connect in Atlanta from all directions). A location close to the airport (southwest corner) would be excellent, potentially avoiding much of the traffic jams on the north side and inside the Interstate loop – avoid those areas!