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The liberals continue to run pretty much all of the major cities where the bulk of the population lives. They control the major media and the schools. Long term demographics are on their side.

And that is the reason I still believe that we’ve likely already lost the country as envisioned originally. The schools are probably the biggest factor, because they shape the attitudes and beliefs of young adults as they are most able to be influenced. They’ve been molded by public education while still at home, then go away (generally) to college, and it’s basically over for most of them. Then they reproduce, instill the same values in their kids, and the beat goes on.

While I do not like Trump the man, and find him crude and certainly nothing to be proud of to represent our nation, I am at least hopeful that the issues that have mattered most to him for decades, will be areas where he can make a difference. But he’s in an uphill battle with Republicrats in Congress that have an entrenched history of voting with their outstretched wallets in the end, not differing party platforms, and Trump threatens that. I don’t think they’ll LET him do much of what he wants.

The one bright spot – even if it is only a temporary (few years at best) factor – is one I’ve opposed strongly and vocally – the use of executive orders. Properly used, a President has every right to order things within the Executive Branch of government. So where agencies exist within his control, and with most laws specifying that implementing language of laws will come after passage through bureaucratic decision-making, I am hopeful that Trump will dismantle the bureaucratic nightmare that is Washington DC, instead of these across the board equalized cuts across all departments. There, he could make life much more bearable for companies (particularly small businesses) as well as individuals – through the use of executive orders. And if used in that manner, not beyond the bounds of the Executive Branch as Obama has done, I would be thrilled. In that manner, let him end up with the highest number of EOs of any president, and I’ll be a happy camper. It’ll drive the libbies nuts – let ‘em leave. But as MB said, they still vote, and they’d come back to support the “right” Super-libbie candidate as soon as they thought they had a chance to win again, with not only the presidency, but Congress as well.

And though Brulen’s right about the older unhappy folks, many of Trump’s support is with older people as well. And they’ll be dying off over the next 4-8 years, and particularly the next 10-20 years. Then it’s those edumucated younger adults – the products of public schools and liberal colleges that will be in the vast majority again as we fade away.

We shall see….