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Both lib and conservative high school students here have made statements at a flagpole vigil. In other words the Lib run common core high school is a mess. One kid said to the effect you can’t control who hurts you or wins an election! The other saying, we won … this is not the time to rub it in but to celebrate. There were demonstrations for and against Trump by the students.
A demo woman prominent in the party went to organize a small “what to do” party in her home, instead of a few people, 85 dems showed up. They had to move the gathering to a hall and turn it into a meeting. Apparently nothing was decided and they’re in chaos hell. The newspaper here called the election victory a romp for Trump. They won’t leave and they suddenly found out they’re surrounded by trump votes who want their gun rights back. They are mostly older people and the next eight years are not going to be happy ones for them in Nys. Seriously they are more likely to move to downstate NYC areas than Canada. I doubt they feel safe in this area. Crocodile tears are flowing for them….lol.

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