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Expats can still vote. Though I doubt we’ll truly see people leave in meaningful numbers, the sentiment they are expressing speaks to just how wide the schism is in our society.

A good friend of mine of 30 years standing is very liberal. He knows I’m conservative and that I hold dual US-Canadian citizenship. We respect each others space on political matters and will occasionally find common ground on specific issues, but we generally just steer clear of heavy political discussions. Twice in the past month he has made comments on my Canadian citizenship, almost in a wistful way that he wished he had that option.

The crazy part of all this “leave the US” drama is that though they lost the election they have not lost the war by a long shot. Trumps electoral win was big but he won by razor thin margins in several States. Had Hillary been just a little better getting the vote out she’d of won. The liberals continue to run pretty much all of the major cities where the bulk of the population lives. They control the major media and the schools. Long term demographics are on their side. Just as the liberals need to have some introspection about how they’ve ignored and demonized the white working class that won the election for Trump, conservatives need to realize that though we just won a major battle (Trump’s election), the war is far from over. It is seeming like the liberals are more emboldened than ever to push their agenda by whatever means they have at their disposal.