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Superb article and so very reflective of what we see everywhere. I think this is especially so for Americans given we have not seen war on our soil since the Civil War, now more than 150 years ago. Yes our military veterans and many of our current soldiers have seen war up close but that is increasingly a very small % of the population. Even then most that served in war zones did not have to worry about where their next meal was coming from and they otherwise had medical and other support vs the kind of anarchy Selco lived through. The WWII vets are almost all gone now. The Korean War vets are rapidly dying off and the Vietnam vets have begun that process too. Each year that passes there are fewer amongst us that have actually experienced war up close and personal. Our more modern day wars did not throw the vast numbers of young men into war zones such as we saw up through the Vietnam War. For the overwhelming majority of Americans, war is more theoretical than real. Other parts of the world have more of a collective memory in this regard than we do.

Throw into the mix govt. having trained the general public to just rely upon govt. for any disaster, and war, should it come to our shores, or any prolonged disruption will be worse than it had to be due to such an ill-prepared public. This is especially so for urban populations that are so far removed from any kind of practical skills and resources. I pity the current college age population that has melt downs and need safe spaces over perceived microaggressions.