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It’s hard to even comment on the article, other than to say he’s got insight that few today have – particularly here in the US where none of us has experienced the kind of upheaval so many others around the world have experienced. Even our military who’ve been deployed into his area, Iraq, or Afghanistan, among others, have only seen it from the perspective of the horrors, but knowing that as long as they lived (and the vast majority did), they’d go back home to a (relatively) stable government, insulated walls and ceilings, heat, A/C, electricity, running water, and relative safety in their neighborhoods. They’ve come the closest, but didn’t have the panic of where their next meal was coming from (or even if it was coming), didn’t have to worry about protecting their families who were half a world away in relative safety. I think Selco is describing a mental/emotional preparedness that is lacking, as much as he is a lack of experiences that would help prepare us for what much of the world already understands.