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Not only did the idiot use his real name, but he exposed enough data (before his Facebook account was shut down) to also give away his location. His Facebook “friends” took care of posting that information, and getting his account canned. Now the guy’s two phone numbers are disconnected, as well.

There only seem to be two such named individuals in his city, and one of them is the “SAFETY AND SECURITY OFFICER at NEW YORK STATE OMRDD” (ironically, Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities). Whether it was the looney tunes lefty or not, I’ll bet THAT guy had an interesting day at work today! Despite the danger they pose to the nation, the left is occasionally good for a great laugh (at their expense of course).

UPDATE 15 Nov 2016
Said New York’s OMRDD on Facebook:

The proper authorities have been notified and the employee in question has been directed not to report for work pending the results of the investigation. OPWDD will take appropriate disciplinary actions based upon a full investigation. We are not able to comment any further on the matter since it is under investigation.

Hmmm…. The director of Safety and Security of that NY State organization was merely “directed not to report for work.” Nice.