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Holy sierra! I don’t know whether to believe that post, or believe it was written by some right-wing whacko trying to make the left look as bad as the post makes it appear. Where’d that come from?

IF it’s real, you’re right – “eyes open kiddies!” The violence the right is so regularly charged with is actually the psychological principle of projection. And this goes beyond projection – projection is a defense mechanism. This severely mentally ill whacko isn’t trying to hide his gaping flaw – he wears his violence on his sleeve, face, and everywhere else. And they want to take guns away from US?

There is only one error in your comments – the final statement. They’re not morons – they’re severely mentally ill people, with average or above average IQs, carefully plotting every means of destroying this nation and those of us that think the Founding Fathers produced the most brilliant political experiment in the history of the world – despite its relatively minor flaws. The major flaws are social/emotional/psychological ones, in the population that cannot live the principles.

I loved his use of Lucifer as a bad thing – a glaring example of projection if I ever saw one. He must certainly revere Saul Alinsky, Hillary’s mentor, who dedicated his final work (“Rules for Radicals”) to Lucifer himself, and strongly stood on that when questioned about it in a subsequent interview by Playboy. It’s chilling what we’re up against. Clinical psychologists and psychiatrists have labels for such people. Police and wardens should have housing for them….