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WB, I’m a bit confused. Earlier,

Have I followed this even half as close as you, nope. Bluntly, I don’t care to either. I have two elk to harvest, ammo to load, food to store and more.

In my last post I agreed we’re probably not going to agree on this, and was willing to largely let go of it as an issue here. I merely made clarifying comments on a couple of points, and left it at that. I’ve read a great deal more since, but chosen to leave it alone here as I said I’d do.

Now I see that you’ve posted another strong piece in opposition to the Tribes’ position. Ok, by itself no problem. But whether there are some valid points in that article (and there may well be), they’re still only half of the story. And worse, there’s so much wrong with that article that it cannot be considered any more objective than many of the Indian-generated stories. Therefore, that amounts to an attempt to use emotion to sway logic, and I ain’t buyin’ it. I don’t care one stinkin’ bit what Jesse Jackson has to say on the issue. He’s so far beyond irrelevant it’s not worth commenting on. And a number of statements about tribal absence simply do not square with other documented facts (including some I included in previous posts).

I also note that you chose not to respond to multiple points I made, preferring instead to simply present another strong article that takes a highly one-sided position, after saying you “bluntly … don’t care to” research the issues.

Is this a one-sided issue? No. Nothing generally is. I simply do not buy (with strong and solid evidence backing my position) that this is as one-sided as you or the author of that last column seem to want to make it out to be. And I’m not here to get solidly “into it” with people (you included) I largely consider my brothers, and whose back’s I’d have where everything’s on the line, and who’d hopefully have my back as well in such situations. Therefore, I’m done discussing this issue with you, even to the point of not pointing out the specific fallacies in the article. It’s not worth the argument.