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The Indians don’t have legal title to the land as such, as I understand it. The reservation is still .gov property, hence the BLM police and federal law as opposed to local LE.

No, they don’t – it’s no longer recognized by FedGov as reservation land, and that’s at least one of the issues! My point is that FedGov hasn’t kept their agreement since day-1 of so-called treaties.

I’ll agree we aren’t going to agree on this, though we both fundamentally agree that FedGov (and most StateGovs) are in the bag for the big dollar special interests, and We the People don’t have a chance if our issue conflicts with the special interests.

But for clarification on two points: a major issue for the Indians (and others involved in the protest) is water, not solely artifacts and grave sites. Plus, Zero is certainly not “on the protesters side.” He has done a masterful job (as usual) of hoodwinking the Indians into thinking that by virtue of naming a few special plots of land around the country as “protected” (such as Bears Ears), he’s on their side. But those areas were in out-of-the way places that aren’t expected to produce any significant mineral resources. And the State of Utah’s objections are about as important to Obama as the bug on my wall. Like Hillary, he said some things that sounded good to the less-aware Indians, but their leaders that really understand what’s going on clearly understood Obama’s and Hillary’s weasel words. He’s been virtually silent on the response against the protesters, and certainly did nothing through DOJ to redress the flagrant Court violation over the Labor Day weekend, or call off the FAA intervention. All he did was request the Corps of Engineers and others to seek a possible alternative routing, etc, etc., etc. They’ve continued to press forward to the dammed up portion of the Missouri River, with no effort to find another route. And that comes back to the other point – this is not just about artifacts or burial sites, though those are certainly sensitive issues. A major point of the protesters is the issue of water safety. Gas pipelines are far less of an issue in the case of a break, than are oil pipelines. But the media isn’t reporting that either – just a bunch of angry injuns raising heck in the middle of nowhere against a poor contractor just trying to do their jobs – at least that’s what most Americans know if they even know there’s an issue, thanks to the (non)news status of it.