The Indians don’t have legal title to the land as such, as I understand it. The reservation is still .gov property, hence the BLM police and federal law as opposed to local LE.

Suppression of the drones and journalists, I can understand, first to cool tempers down. What happens when someone with an agenda is being filmed? They grandstand and push things to get a reaction. Been there, done that.
No journalists pressing the issue, cooler heads prevail.

Secondly, your right to know does not trump the right of the officers to safety. Much like those situations such as a bank robbery where the news is live streaming what the police are doing, it endangers the officers as their locations are now known by the bad guys.

And as an aside, if memory serves, I could be wrong but, that part of the pipeline follows the same path as a natural gas pipeline already in place. Any site would have already been disturbed or destroyed.

We aren’t going to agree with each other on this. It happens.

As to the EPA and Corps of Engineers, after the fiasco with our local welder, have zero credibility, just like the FBI. They will say what they are told. And with Zero on the protesters side, well…..