The $10+ million was borrowed for LE overtime. For the security of everyone, protesters and pipeliners. And at $25-35 an hour, that gets eaten up quickly.

As to the past, it’s dead and gone.
Much like the blacks demanding reparations for slavery, when they themselves weren’t a slave, no one they know was ever a slave, etc.
The Indians may have been treated like chattel in the past, OK. Does that give them a bye or special privileges? How about the Irish, slaves before the blacks?

This isn’t 1890. Not even 1990. Where is the line in the sand drawn? Fifty years ago, and what happened, isn’t today.
Are we going to continue to project blame?
If so, are we going to keep blaming Serbia and Bosnia for the 6 assassins who killed Ferdinand and the subsequent World War?
Or the white Saffers under 30? Even a 30 yo Saffer who was 7 when apartheid fell is blamed today despite the fact that they were a child at the time. Or the whites in Rhodesia? Today the whites there are still to blame, despite no control since 1982.

Back to the protesters, go ahead and protest. I may believe and sympathize with your cause. Right up until the first bottle is thrown.
When the criminal activity starts, that’s where the peaceful protest ends.

Same with the anti Trump protesters. Keep to your designated areas and paths, stay civil, and you can knock yourself out.
Start blocking businesses, harassing citizens, creating a mess that someone else has to clean up, and we have a problem.
Start the criminal behavior, you are a criminal not a protester.
When did it become acceptable to burn vehicles that aren’t your own? To damage public property?