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[I]n VT … there is no licensing here at all concerning concealed or open carry. … Not sure how all this would work with reciprocity.

MB, unfortunately, about the only thing you can do is get on a flight to Alaska, with your declared gun in your checked baggage, and hope it’s still in your checked baggage when you arrive. You can carry without a permit in Alaska. The other 55 of Obama’s 57 states are off limits to you if you carry without a permit – no reciprocity since no permit with which to reciprocate. HOWEVER: if you jump through the hoops and pay the money to obtain a non-resident permit in the 25 states that allow them, you could then legally carry everywhere except Michigan, California, and DC. Apparently the non-resident permits from the various states then get accepted in all but MI, CA, and DC. Just be sure you know the laws in the individual cities. See? It’s just that easy! {choke! }