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As I said, I was careful about what I put in email responses to that individual using Yahoo, but the sad thing is that we’re in an extreme minority here – most people (particularly in the US) seem extraordinarily unconcerned about blasting their personal views, itineraries, sensitive personal information, etc., all over the world on Twitter, Facebook, whatever. The fact that so many high profile people could be busted in the Ashley Madison website data breach is just one of a massive number of stupid things people do without concern for who might be “listening in.” Over 25 million people had virtually ALL of their personal information stolen in the federal data breach (OPM) that we learned about last year – nearly 8% of all Americans, just in that one breach. Add to that the massive Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield) data breach, along with all the others. Nobody really seems concerned – that’s amazing to me. And when you add in every water plant, electrical grid component, air traffic control, traffic lights, banks, brokerage houses, the financial markets, yada yada yada, the fact that we’ve got such a mind-numbed population is beyond comprehension. Oh, I have professional education and experience that in theory explains it all, but in reality it’s a wonder to see. As I said, we’re a very (almost insignificant) fraction of the population in general.

There mere fact that a theater in Amsterdam could be packed, with listeners throughout Europe, vs. the almost total lack of coverage yesterday of Snowden’s broadcast, is further evidence. But hey – 500,000 people have signed the petition on Change.org to get the Electoral College to put Hillary in office. And Miley cried. Now THOSE are important! Privacy? Who cares?! [sarc/OFF]