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There are apps to find alternative fuel stations that sell biodiesel propane etc. as vehicle fuel. I could use biodiesel in my generator or truck if reg highway diesel is sold out. I’ve never tried to make it but it doesn’t seem like a very complicated process. I’ve used a 100 gal. aluminum transfer tank on trips to Florida. It gets me down to around Georgia where the fuel is cheaper. Since the Soros left wing has declared war on whitey I’m not going to be doing much long distance traveling. The electoral college doesn’t actually vote until December 19 so the mind game is still on. Nothing is truly settled yet. Obama says he wants a peaceful power transition, but you can take that with a grain of salt. Whatever was said in the 90 minute private meeting must have been nasty, threats exchanged. I thought Trump was very reserved afterward and just went along to get out of there asap. No fly zone declared over trump tower so at least Trump is safe. Has there been a designated survivor appointed yet? Just a bit of dark humor.