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Thanks, GS! I watched it and would like to see it again, to pick up a few words that were garbled in the original transmission. Snowden seemed to be the same guy he was in the documentary movie, Citizen Four. Laura Poitras recorded it, with the original involved people, including Glenn Greenwald, and Snowden himself, while the escape was taking place. He didn’t seem to me to be trying “to generate more support for his requested pardon.” I can hardly blame him for being concerned to stand trial in which he would not be allowed to explain his side of things to the jury, because to do so would be further violation of the Espionage Act. Sounds like Catch 22 to me.

Judging from what he said, his real crime is letting us (“enemies of the United States”) citizens (and everybody else in the world) know that they are being constantly spied on by the NSA. Given that such is not really news to any national government, nor to any who seriously aspire to terrorism, it’s a fair question as to why they need such close tabs on all the non-threats of the world, unless to “keep them in their proper place(s),” i.e., in constant fear of the fedgov. And his point is well taken, that when the NSA has everything on everybody, they have too much total stuff to efficiently and timely sift, to spot the few really salient bits of info that could help stop an attack. Makes me wonder if they might not actually want the attacks as “proof” of the necessity of their universal spying.

Cry, "Treason!"