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I didn’t do anything specific during the run up to the election despite expecting that the Hildebeast was going to win, and so don’t have any changes in mind now.

Last month when I was visiting our daughter & her family in North Carolina I did tell my son-in-law that when the 1st tactical nuke goes off anywhere in the world that they should be on the road heading to our place within the hour, and that they should be filling their gas tank frequently on the way. I told him no sitting in front of the TV watching the news as events could spin out of control very rapidly and best to move before everyone else figures its time to leave the cities. Every hour is precious and it’s about a 14 – 15 hour journey currently.

I am going to get them a new road atlas. They sometimes find my ways a little humorous but I tell them the atlas will still work when their GPS doesn’t, and they especially need an atlas should the interstates not be an option.

My son-in-law says a single tank of gas can get him up to Pennsylvania. I told him I can get to Pennsylvania and back to Vermont on a single tank as it is a 36 gallon tank, though I keep extra gas that I could carry with me to extend my range. I hate to think in these terms but the state of the world is such that sometimes we have to. Metro Charlotte has 2.4 million people and they live 9 miles as the crow flies from a double nuke plant, so not a good place to be come SHTF despite its suburban perfection now.