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When I went to vote this afternoon there weren’t any campaigners outside, just signs for various campaigns. And Phyllis and her minister manning a booth for the Congregational Church across the road. She’s an 84 year old farmer and was giving voters coffee and her homemade donuts as they left Town Hall. Every Friday morning at 11AM she hosts an open house at the farm for anyone who wants to stop by for donuts, coffee, and a few laughs. I go there when I can. She’s poor as a church mouse as they say but rich in spirit and she loves to laugh. Not quite a year ago the old trailer she was living in burnt when the barn next to it caught fire, that trailer being a replacement for her house that burnt 10 or 15 years prior after being hit with lightening. A week after last year’s fire she did her Friday morning donuts at her son’s house on the farm and was joking that while these adversities just make her stronger she told God she’s already strong enough if it’s OK with Him. A life well lived.