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no one should be able to vote that is not a U. S. Citizen.

And that, Freedom, is at the root of the problem (note that I said “at” the root, not “is” the root). It became illegal in 1996 (I believe that was the year) for a non-citizen to vote in a national election. Cities and states can do what they want in local and state elections, but it’s federal law that a non-citizen can vote for President. So much for that law. Not only is Congress sufficiently bought and paid for, but the best and brightest (and most moral) of the officer class in the military have either been fired or put in a position to retire, just to get out of the political mess that exists in the U.S. military today. Add to that the horrendous problem of corrupt judges being appointed to lifetime positions that now do far more than what was intended. They no longer measure laws against the Constitution of the United States, they create law, and look to foreign or “international” law for guidance – as explicitly stated by at least one sitting Supreme Court justice.

Therefore: the Presidency is corrupted (and unfixable because of an electorate full of what Whirlibird said above). Congress is bought and paid for by “special interests” (directly working on behalf of the Dark State). The courts are filled with corrupt judges. And the military is no longer in charge of defending the Constitution of the United States – their job is to do the bidding of the Dictator-in-Chief as he inserts the military into undeclared “war” after undeclared “war” after undeclared “war,” NONE of which was because of a direct threat to the United States of America. Oh, someone might argue that we had to go after the perps of 9/11. Sure. But it did not take a full scale war, and absolutely not in Iraq to do it. It was never about Osama bin Laden, and anyone with any knowledge at the time of what our troops were being prepared for, and WHEN that preparation actually began, knows that as fact.

Add in some of the many other preparations for our current situation, and one could see the truly brilliant (regardless of its evil) strategies that have been put in play over the years. The loss of the Constitutional way of selecting US senators was a MAJOR factor. The ability of FedGov,Inc. to be able to come after individuals so universally, by virtue of the unconstitutional income tax, thereby also controlling what the common folks have, is yet another. Still another was the creation of the private entity that controls our economy – the Federal Reserve. (Note that all three of those occurred in 1913, under the “leadership” of Woodrow Wilson.) The actions of Abraham Lincoln in disallowing any state from choosing to unbind itself from the Union. He explicitly stated on multiple occasions in various forums that he didn’t really care about slavery or the welfare of those of African descent – he’d have been just as happy to ship them all back to Africa, regardless of whether they were born here or not, and even would have allowed slavery to continue if that could preserve the Union – because the issue was FAR more economic than social/moral to him. The perversion of the 10th Amendment is another of the many ways FedGov has taken full control, and brainwashed those under about age 60 into thinking the way we do things now is ‘the way we’ve always done it” – and it’s therefore OK, even right.

And the majority of Americans are either too dumbed down, thanks to a masterful job by the public indoctrination system, or else they just don’t care, and are therefore incapable of changing things. Current conditions aren’t really impacting them enough (or so they think) to motivate them toward change – and they wouldn’t know what to do even if they felt sufficiently uneasy. Anybody under 55-60 has zero memory of what it was like to live under massively rising interest rates, when a 30 year mortgage would end up costing more than three times the purchase price of a home. Anybody under 60 has no recollection at all of the collective terror that was felt in the United States (and presumably around the world) as we awaited the nuclear war that was feared as Khrushchev and Kennedy stared each other down over the Cuban missile crisis. No one under that same age recalls people building fallout shelters in their back yards or basements, when practically everyone at least knew someone that had a shelter if they didn’t have one themselves. And of course, you couldn’t even go into small towns without seeing the yellow and black fallout shelter signs on various buildings – they were everywhere. Outside a very small towns in America, few remember when nobody worried about whether they locked their doors or not when they went into town, or even out of town. Having a home alarm system hadn’t even been conceived of back then, because there was no need outside of the ultra-rich. And even few of them really worried about alarm systems “back then.” And now, very few feel a patriotic duty to even consider military service.

We have a society that very literally does not and cannot get it! Therefore, what we “need” (desperately) cannot and will not happen. We are living in the interim period between the death of the United States of America as a grand political and social experiment, and the total chaos that will ensue when “they” can’t hold it together any longer (or don’t want to, if Cloward and Piven were correct). Personally, I alternate between anger/deep frustration and very deep sadness/grief of what we have lost.