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Two thoughts. (1) One of the sources shown in the 2nd video is Doug Hagmann. Hagmann has been coming up with all kinds of super-insider information for years that never seems to pan out, through the “Canada Free Press.” I “bit” on some of his earlier stuff years ago, but I’ve come to regard him as a lightweight Sorcha Faal. Be very careful what you take as “truth” from Doug Hagmann. (2) I’ll be very surprised if, in 36 hours, we learn that Donald Trump was unequivocally elected President of the United States. Like the wise owl said, we already know who we voted for, regardless of which button we pushed, which box we checked, or whatever. It’s highly likely the fix is already in, and Hillary won’t NEED to go anywhere. She and her gang will be solidly in charge beginning Wednesday, assuming she’s declared the winner of the free and open election (free because unless you were paid to vote, no money changed hands, and open because Obama declared that no one will be prosecuted for voting, regardless of citizenship). Oh, I know – inauguration isn’t until January next year. But Barry’s still in the White House, Loretta’s still at DOJ, and Chief Scared-Of-His-Own-Shadow Comey is still at the FBI. And unless Obama appoints someone of his handlers’ choosing as a replacement for Comey after the $election, they’ll all still be there, in place, until January. Then Hillary takes over and either keeps the same cast of characters, or replaces them with her team (same team, different faces).

So then who’s gonna force Hillary to disappear? No need. Yes indeed, she does get away again – permanently. She just won’t need to go anywhere else – she’ll be the appointed head of it all.

If the hoped-for “miracle” happens (I’m not at all convinced it will be anything of the sort), and Trump is declared the winner, we may simply see the triggering event for what we’ve been expecting (and prepping for) economically, socially, and structurally – i.e. the “big one.”

Qué será será….