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“An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.” — Simon Cameron, US financier & politician (1799 – 1889)

He allowed himself to lose against Stalin, his list of failures rivals Killary.

Yes, he did, but I don’t think he intended to block Stalin from taking over Eastern Europe, at least not after his advisors “advised” him. Perhaps Truman might have, but much had been settled before he got the chance. No doubt, FDR”s list of failures is long, though the people who used their power to put him in that office would consider them “accomplishments.” For us ordinary Citizens, they were failures, but the globalist Deep State got what they paid for. And what did they “pay” him? Probably not much in Federal Reserve “Notes,” (he was already wealthy) but he got to posture as the heroic champion, first, “saving” the economy with his alphabet soup federal agencies, then “defending democracy,” against the flagrantly evil Axis (whose losing military efforts were financed no less thoroughly/profitably by themselves, than they similarly financed the Allies.) It also enabled the Deep State to strengthen their financial hold on the Soviets, who, at least in Stalin’s day, wanted few ties to Wall Street/London.

Still, they had planned a certain outcome, a Sovietized Eastern Europe, and a Communist China … and they got it. This made possible a splendidly profitable financial (“cold”) war at a time when continuation of worldwide “hot” war would have been both impractical (since most of the world was worn out) and counterproductive to collecting their “winnings,” setting up the next phase of their op — to knock down this overly prosperous industrial power that was too proud and full of itself, too damn likely to spread this liberty thing too far, and eventually, to kick off the next cycle of profitable world war. With the possible exceptions of JFK, and RWR, they got everything they paid for.

Considering the global realpolitik turning points of the last 70 years, the USA blew a lot of opportunities to make the world a better place — by “policy,” by treaty, and most of all, by design. Our troops were often bogged down and getting slaughtered in successive BS wars that the head toads never intended to win, but only to milk, for popularity, votes, cash, and “best” of all, the approval of their bankster masters. The few small foreign opportunities, which might, under the right kind of help from us, have led to a gradual increase in freedom in various nations, “our” government first falsely encouraged, then at crisis, spurned potential allies, sided with known enemies, and left the freedom seekers to twist in the wind — over and over and over again. Why does the law of averages not kick in and provide at least a few successes? To my mind, at least, our interests would include getting stuck in fewer wars, and encouraging more liberty, throughout the world. Are we such a monumentally incompetent people (present company excepted) that we can’t get a government to serve those ends?

Sadly, I think the present answer is, yes. Most of our fellow Citizens have failed to fully understand how the world really works, including longstanding and well-organized threats, swallowing whole the Public Fool System/Major Media version of where we are and how we got here. Those who don’t even suspect what they’re up against almost always lose. But how would they know?

Cry, "Treason!"