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Darn, why does it have to be Alex Jones? He is one of the least likely to be listened to by the majority of Americans. And like a broken clock, this is one of the times he’s still right. I’ve had exactly this concern for some time, listening to Putin, but also listening to our own leaders. The post I provided a few days ago about the CG at Ft. Benning and his briefing to leaders in the surrounding communities around Ft. Benning, was highly significant despite some here that didn’t believe he knew what he was talking about. I had an interesting discussion with a retired but previously fairly highly placed senior officer, and he smiled and nodded his head when I said to him exactly what I said here: people in his (the Ft. Benning CG’s position) know stuff.

IF people are watching and looking beyond (or instead of) the MSM sources of “news,” it’s so blatantly obvious that what Putin is charging is in fact based in truth. Heck – Benghazi was involved in shipping arms across the Mediterranean to Turkey, and then on to Syria. We destabilized Libya, which was the forerunner to the destabilization of Egypt and other northern African nations. Syria got worse by the month. Iraq never recovered from the massive destabilization we created there under the guise of 9/11 (with which it had nothing to do). We didn’t learn from the Russians with a protracted war in Afghanistan. The Russian supply chain was very short, yet they couldn’t do it – why did we think we could? Etc., etc., etc.

Do I trust Putin? Only marginally, but that’s a significant jump from my trust level with our own senior government leaders (Obama and his handlers, as well as W and his handlers before him).

So no, Tec, I don’t like the video – both because there is a significant, objectively truthful amount of information coming from Putin, and no one can argue that his charges about our government and its controlled media are simply not telling the public what’s going on. It’s been all about shifting polls almost by the hour, for many, many months. Trump this, Clinton that, a rare smattering of Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson, and even less on Jill Stein, plus JayZ, Katy Perry, and whatever “stars” are shining for Cankles. They’ve simply replaced the Kardashians in the “news.” Good info, though. Thanks, Tec.