One thing most people don’t think about, dealing with post-SHTF gunshot wounds and the modern techniques, is how are you going to clean up all that “clotting” agent? Also, most .mil members and contractors today hit the heavy duty antibiotics as soon as the clotting agent is applied.
Sure it’s all great stuff, but without an ER, you’re probably still going to be having a very bad day at best.

Most people survive handgun wounds today, @80%, but that’s partially because of the phenomenal treatment available today. 100+ years ago, a gutshot was essentially a long drawn out death sentence.
This was illustrated well in the movie “Conagher” including the attitudes associated with shooting someone in the guts, intentionally.

Looking back to Civil War era medical techniques, one has to shake their head, the brutality and crudeness. But if it all falls to pieces, how much different would it be? Sure we have antibiotics, but a shattered tibia is a shattered tibia be it from a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, musket ball or x39 bullet. What is the technique at home? In the field when there’s no medevac coming?

We’re looking at scratches and cuts being as lethal as a gunshot, if antibiotics aren’t available in great quantities.
The third world knows this today, they live it.

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