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we have not had competent leadership in war sense Roosevelt died . Just Sayin

We’ve had a string of presidents, with the possidle exception of JFK, who got to that position with the “blessings” and help of the globalist Deep State, who naturally wanted to carry out the great “humanitarian” plans of their “benefactors,” who in turn, wanted the string of useless, futility wars the US has pursued in virtually unbroken sequence since 1951. Even Eisenhower, who “led” the Allied effort in Europe during WWII, led the effort to restrain the “conquest,” until the Soviet Union could get there to take over eastern Europe, so it wouldn’t accidentally become part of the freer western world. How else to maximize profits after the Axis had been defeated. Peace is lousy for armament sales, pharmacological sales, and national takeovers — nobody wants to fight.

I’m not saying that all our prez’s have been entirely on board with all the slimier motives of their sponsors and cabinet members, but they also couldn’t have realized all the smarmy business going on in the background, so they could be manipulated and end-run (-ran?) And they (and we) were.
I’d say, “take your choice,” between the slow road to perdition, and the fast one, but I suspect that the choice has already been made for us. Lots of Luck! Parabellum!

Cry, "Treason!"