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To my mind, it starts when there’s enough of the population so poor in spirit, that they are willing to accept stolen goods.

And therein is fundamental evidence of the state of not only their economy, but ours (in the US) as well. The concept of “conscience” is pervasively either missing or irrelevant. And with that being the case, the children of those lacking such conscience will not be taught the alternative, while learning this form of living as the only “normal” they come to know. As the growing ranks of government handout recipients swell, the old adage about social collapse takes real form, when the takers outnumber the mandatory “donors” to the extent that the “donors” no longer have anything to “donate” (have stolen). Cloward and Piven explicitly outlined such a strategy in 1966.


Here is part of the strategy to secure the future – “empower” illegals to vote for their handouts, while securing a socialist government far into the future (and social unrest the likes of which this nation hasn’t seen in 1½ centuries):