Have I followed this even half as close as you, nope. Bluntly, I don’t care to either. I have two elk to harvest, ammo to load, food to store and more.

My personal experience has been limited to two hysterical sites where a single arrowhead was found. The harassment and torment that followed for the farmer who just wanted to plant his crops was amazing.
When it was all done, no relics, no artifacts and a family lost the farm that had been in the family for a century. It’s still farmland and being plowed, just by a consortium now.

As to my feelings towards LE, I’ll be the first to drag out the noose for the guilty, but there has to be evidence not rumor and supposition. Been there, done that.

In this instance, the protesters have been using BLM tactics, like the bs story about the 11yo shot by a sniper. Lies, damned lies and more.

In this whole mess I have a bias, definitely. I live in oilfield country. My paycheck is paid with oilfield dollars. My neighbors work in the oilfields. Who am I going to believe, the pipeline welder back for a week off or some yahoo who’s resorting to criminal activity?

As to the firearms and other things, bohica doesn’t cover it.
“I start fightin’ a war, I guarantee, you’ll see somethin’ new. “

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