Actually, watched it twice.

My problem with the protesters begins when they never had the interest in protesting the pipeline plans before they were on the doorstep despite being invited repeatedly.
It’s not like the pipeline map wasn’t public knowledge for a while.

Secondly, an area that was clear suddenly has “X” number of hysterical sights on it? Found by a private contractor? Sounds like a Killary plot.

Not saying either side is right, just that there are a lot of problems to be dealt with.

As to the no fly zone, from a LE perspective, I couldn’t care less about the cameras, film me please. It’s the potential safety issues depending upon who is flying, and what is in the air. Too much potential for hazards.

As to the hand holding, most if not all injunctions and stays I have dealt with were for a future time, not immediate. In this case, they knew there was a “contested” area they needed to get through before the time was up.
How many of us will be buying AR’s if Killary is elected before some cutoff date? Slime bill ’94?

None of this gives the protesters the right to damage personal or public property. That’s not protesting, that’s criminal.

Shooting down a drone? Why should be the question asked. Why would you attract attention like that?

.Gov overreach concerns me, as do other things. I’m not going to jump to conclusions about either side here. Especially when I think they are both wrong.