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Though I’m not one to go out and seek opportunities to video police doing their job, I am appalled when I see police attempt to keep citizens from making video records of activities, especially when those citizens are not in any way interfering with the law enforcement activity itself. And when sacred artifacts, including grave sites, are allegedly found in the path of the construction and a federal court actually helps the construction company destroy that evidence (meaning destruction of the actual artifacts and burial grounds) before it can even be properly evaluated, I find that highly disturbing.

I’m imagining a scenario where you learned that a Wal-Mart parking lot was to be constructed where some of your ancestors are buried. You protest and file a request for an immediate injunction, and the court immediately notifies the parking lot construction company, which at that moment was working across town on another site. But the construction company immediately moves their equipment across town and in 24 hours digs up the land for which you’ve requested protection, thereby destroying the remnants of your family. And previous to this, they had no history of working on Saturdays, but particularly chose a holiday weekend Saturday to destroy the property on which your family was buried. Add to that the element that clearly shows your family had written title to the property, but that it was subsequently and unilaterally taken from your family without compensation or even consultation. I’m having a hard time imagining you’d quietly sit back and let it happen without protest of any sort. Yet your response suggests it’s OK when done to other people.

I’d emphasize that my original post above focused on the underhanded (if not illegal) hand-holding between the Court and the construction company, as well as the federal imposition of a no-fly zone for all but LE aircraft, thereby massively restricting news gathering. I made no comparison whatever between the actions of the protestors and the construction company, nor did I even mention the construction company employee that masqueraded as a protestor carrying an AR-15 (video evidence is available). I stayed out of that realm altogether, choosing to focus on the actions of federal government officials in multiple agencies (the Court system and FAA), as well as mentioning the video evidence of LE attempting to shoot down a drone with a camera attached. If those kinds of government over-reach don’t concern you, we have no discussion. I stand firmly on my summary point: “If they can do it to one, they can do it to all (and they are).”

And what does the behavior of Russell Means in earlier times have to do with the validity of the video he made concerning the Constitution, in his last years of life? Did you even bother to watch it?