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Oh! OH! Oh my! What does it all mean?????

Personally, I have no idea, with one exception: it’s all a carefully choreographed show for the masses. WiFi was conveniently “down” on Hillary’s aircraft, so she and the reporters on board supposedly knew nothing about it when she stepped off and was asked about the “new” revelations. Later she held a world record brief news conference with a handful of carefully contrived questions, giving her the opportunity to show how it was all political, since the FBI director released his “leak” just to Republicans in Congress. And of course 99% of America will see the “obvious” political implications of that.” They don’t have a clue that it’s entirely appropriate to notify the head of the committee (who currently happens to BE a Republican) that the investigation is being reopened. After all, it was to that committee Director Comey essentially declared the investigation closed a few months ago in his testimony.

But then there are the handful of people that can see through all that, and say, “See? See??!!” Except that it was disclosed at the universally agreed-upon story-burying time of “late on Friday.” Oh, it’ll get digested on Sunday morning yak shows, but by Monday it will be “old news” and something else is likely to keep it from becoming a real story. The spinmeisters will have already done their work, and few votes will change, particularly among the dead, and the election will march on for a week. But it will sell even more advertising for the media giants, and bring in more “memberships” for NPR.and Public TV stations.

Me? Yawwwwwn. I actually did doze off watching some of it briefly on TV earlier this evening. What a joke. The Dark State is in charge, the MSM is in the bag, and as Dorothy learned, nothing is as it seems. It’s much more likely than not, that there truly is nothing to see here, and our time would be better spent moving along, as the saying goes – because that’s exactly what the media does NOT want us to do. Or do they? Yes, nothing is as it seems….