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He doesnt know anything, they are just puppets of the junta .

I’m at a loss to understand how you know “he doesn’t know anything.” As the CG at the “Home of the Infantry, where both Infantry and Armor basic training and AIT occur, he’s quite aware of the projected census of both of those two schools as well as the Army’s Officer Candidate School (and why those projected troop levels are set where they are. He also knows about the additional non-Infantry and non-Armor basic training battalions that feed other MOSs (career fields), and the reasons for their projected class sizes far more than a year in advance.

If the CG at Ft. Benning doesn’t retire out of that position, he then does NOT go to a menial Pentagon desk job for his next assignment. It’s typically a 3-star position. That becomes relatively rarified air up there. Even at Ft. Benning just in his office, there is highly classified information flowing to/from the HQ building. Don’t think for even a moment that the CG at Ft. Benning “doesn’t know anything.” Moreover, you can bet he’s quite aware of the thinking that went into the decision NOT to use the real estate formerly occupied by the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division (the organization that was at the spearhead going into Baghdad against Saddam) for new purposes. He knows full well why they chose to spend $3 million at just that installation alone, solely for the purpose of mothballing that real estate, and an additional $1/3 million annually thereafter to maintain it in its mothballed state.

Oh – and what you smell isn’t what you think. The nearby civilian economy needs Ft. Benning far more than Ft. Benning needs the nearby economy. You can be certain that the local leaders there will have zero problem remembering what a significant Army representative (the top dog at their local large military installation) told them in October 2016 – they’re likely already beginning to formulate their planning for the increased population again, as well as the boost to the local economy, based on what MG Wesley told them this week. We’re not talking about some staff sergeant blowing smoke to impress a bunch of civic leaders. And note that he tipped a hand that not everyone really sees, and the media isn’t focusing on as much (only a slight ramp-up in just recent days) – namely, that the “popular” issue of “defeating ISIS” is WAY down the list of future concerns, and those future concerns center largely on China and Russia. We’re not reading much about that in the MSM, with the exception of a slight ramp-up regarding Russia. We here in the SHTF Forum are NOT typical news readers – we gather from many sources and see things the average American has no clue about from ABCCBSNBCCNNNPRFOX.

Dismiss his comments at your own peril. I suspect that, on the contrary, we got a rare glimpse into the real military-industrial-political complex, or a tiny peek at the Dark State. It’s war they want, and it’s war they’re going to create. Have you not studied history? (I know you have – that’s why I’m a bit baffled.)