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Namelus, thanks for the series of 11 “Wanted” posters at the top of the article. At least we all now know the faces and names behind the policies. Seriously, my thought as I scrolled through those 11 photos was, “They’re a GANG! Just one big, stinkin’ worldwide GANG!”

The commanding general at Ft. Benning (“Home of the Infantry”) met with the civic leaders of cities down around the installation yesterday, and said not to worry about the loss (due to BRAC) of the entire 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division (completed at the end of last year). They’re not bulldozing the former location of that Brigade or moving more offices over into the now-empty buildings. Instead, he said they’re keeping it mothballed at an initial cost of $3.8 Million and an annual upkeep cost of $300,000 because there will be another armored brigade combat team there by 2022, probably earlier, and for the community not to worry about the only-temporary loss of so many military and civilian positions from the area. They’ll be back, because the “need” is so great. He said politicians and the media are fixated on ISIS, but there’s much more coming that few people see or realize. From the newspaper headlined “Commander says Fort Benning preparing for war, and another combat brigade“:

[Major General] Wesley showed the group a nearly 10-minute film that was first shown last month at the Maneuver Warfighter Conference at Fort Benning. The film, in sober terms, addressed the threat to national security, touching heavily on China and calling Russia the greatest threat.”


Keep in mind that a major general knows “stuff.” Fasten your seatbelts, kiddies! The ride is about to begin.