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Sorcha has often proved “Faalible,” though not always wrong. Snopes, itself somewhat less than unbiased, but more often right than not, says it’s utterly false — not only the details, but the very idea that Saint Hitlary could ever be involved in anything so sordid as covering her financial arse in Qatar.

Still, it’s the kind of thing I would expect the Hildabeast and her cohorts to do, if the banks were becoming shaky. Under Dodd-Frank bail-in rules, the sputtering economy, the federal push to finance car loans and college loans for anyone with a pulse, are the megabanks becoming shaki…er? You tell me.

The story may simply be, like the plot of a good novel, entirely plausible, yet factually untrue. Here’s video of a Bernie Sanders supporter (never heard of him before) making plain that though he despises both Clinton and Trump equally, he finds the premise believable. I found it interesting to see what a (relatively) young lefty is thinking. Soon, he and his generation will have more control over what happens here than I and my generation will.

Cry, "Treason!"

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