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Wow – where to start. Several comments, in no particular order.

First, Freedom: The two URLs that you posted contain significant tracking information. I have no way of knowing exactly what they’re tracking, but I suspect it’s how many times you forward, and other people actually click on the link you sent. If you got that from Newsmax yourself, the user ID (the number right after “/?ns_mail_uid=”) is most likely a specific number associated with you personally. And every time people click on that link, they know how successful they were in getting you those two particuar stories, in terms of how many other people saw the stories because of you forwarding them. The exact same articles can be read by deleting everything after the story ID (754874) just before the mail user ID tracking information – and then they can’t track how people got to their site. Be careful with what you click on from any source (and one of the reasons I recommend not clicking on any of Casey Research’s links within stories I might post here or link to). There is massive tracking of information and storage in databases all over the globe – it’s FAR from just Google and the No Such Agency that are doing it.

Second, Freedom: One can only hope you’re right. See the comments below, mainly prompted by L Tecolote’s thoughts.

Finally, L Tecolote: Your comments brought to mind several thoughts I’ve had lately concerning the US vs. the Philippines. Western media have universally portrayed President Duterte as a wild man, and what they and the Democrats (is there a difference?) want us to believe we’ll have in office if we elect a President Trump. All we read about the Philippines recently is their reach-out to China and the announced “separation” from the US. And that IS concerning, depending on what Duterte meant deep inside it all. I can’t discern yet if it’s due to Duterte being naive at an international level, or if there’s much more going on there than we realize. Certainly the press has played up his anti-US comments on his recent visit to China to strengthen relations with them. BUT – we also hear about how he single-handedly orders the execution of drug dealers, no arrest or fair trial necessary. Yet that’s not what’s really going on. I’ve talked to two very good friends, now US citizens, but immigrants from the Philippines not so many years ago (both from the same island as Duterte, and familiar with him). They stay in close contact with family and friends back there, and are very “up” on what’s going on in their native country.

Duterte is absolutely loved by the majority of his people. Compared to the deep corruption to this point, they’re willing to overlook his course language and heavy-handed tactics as he cleans up the nation (let’s hope it works).. As mayor of his city before he became president, he had crime down to minimal levels, and he instituted the 911 emergency call system that is found in only one other Philippine city, and nowhere else in the world except the U.S. and Canada. Sure, other areas have emergency call systems, but there’s no other standard number around the world, except all of the US, Canada, Duterte’s city, and one other. Is his language course and rude at times? No question. Did he say some amazingly outrageous things about Obama that “just aren’t SAID” in polite diplomatic circles? Absolutely. He calls it as he sees it. And he was voted in as president by a massive majority because the Philippine people recognized that corruption in government at all levels had simply reached an unacceptable level, and he was the one person with a record that said he was serious about having clean government and a safe living environment. He drove aging cars, never lived in a large, expensive house, and clearly never profited from his service to his people. He is also highly anti-handout. Got a problem? It’s YOUR problem. But the Philippine people will step up and help each other where there’s true need – they don’t rely on strength-sapping government transfer of wealth for everything under the sun.

My friends both lamented what they’re seeing happening here (in the US) so very rapidly, particularly in the past two administrations. They have a perspective that few could have – because they weren’t born and raised here, but grew up to adulthood outside the US in a non-Western nation. They’ve seen total corruption in the Philippines at all levels, and they’ve seen the opportunities in the US that exist nowhere else. They came here because of those opportunities, became citizens, and now are rather suddenly seeing the swirl spinning so rapidly around the drain. Yet there’s nowhere else to go that’s any better. I’d add that both friends agreed Duterte’s language leaves a lot to be desired at times, but they agree FULLY with his pulling away from US aid, even military aid, because of the conditions always attached to anything the US “gives” away outside our borders. Ironically though, Hillary wants to ramp up Obama’s rate of “refugee” imports and give, give, give, with no expectation in return – not even tracking of where they go or what they do once here.

I find Trump to be a very distasteful individual, and an embarrassment to the nation. Having him as the symbol of what the US is, if he becomes President, turns my stomach. Yet I don’t see anyone else between our shores that is even talking about fixing many of the things he says he’ll do (almost as if he’s a monarch). As awful as it is, this may be our only way out – our own version of the controversial Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. Naive or not in foreign affairs, few can legitimately argue that Duterte isn’t pro-Philippines, and unwilling to be tied down by regulation, or particularly by corruption either at home or abroad. One can only hope that Trump, if he wins, will take the same positions he’s been spouting, and not rely on establishment Republican advisors in how to do it. Otherwise (and perhaps we’re already there), we’re at a point where we won’t be able to escape the swirl, and will be down the tubes probably within the next presidency.