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Selco, for whatever my inexperienced opinion may be worth, it also seems to me that the USA has been “Looking in the Balkans Mirror,” for quite a while now, but from across the room, as it were. In the last few years, we’ve stepped a lot closer to that mirror, and the growing problems are likely to get a whole lot clearer, as soon as the next regime takes office, if not immediately after the election.

All social conflicts (sexism, ageism, racism, homophobia, and “income disparity”) are fully in play, have been harped on incessantly by the media, and the federal government, with the help of various state and local governments, has been deliberately setting up cultural/religious conflicts between local citizens and whole communities of imported islamic zealots.

Divisive economic forces are in play: debt money “loaned” into existence by the truck-, train-, and shipload, to a prostitute national government, until the ability of that government to squeeze enough of the phony stuff back out of its broke population, to keep paying the “interest” owed on “the National Debt,” is in question. The fedgov encourages foreigners to ignore borders, to sneak in, work for “under-the-table” pay rates, drive citizen labor out of the market, and always to “cash in” on all the social programs to which they never contributed.

The ability of governments, at all levels, to remedy or palliate the conflicts, even if they wished to do so (an open question at best) requires money, as do efforts to upgrade utilities systems protections, and repair crumbling infrastructure — all on revenues which barely keep up with population increase.

The fedgov uses the turmoil to keep all the various identifying fingers pointing away from itself, and toward other fellow abusees. But it won’t take much to push the USA over the edge, and when the waiting profiteers finally succeed, it could trigger a Third World War. I expect little “fun” from the coming experience.

Cry, "Treason!"