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[Wasn’t sure where else to put this, but since the following suggestion is ENTIRELY non-serious, I thought perhaps “Just for a laugh” might be the best place.]

Just a heads up, folks. Time to break out your blue flags in time for United Nations Day this coming Monday – 24 October. If, like me, you haven’t gotten around to obtaining a blue flag yet, the Stars and Stripes will probably do, since they seem to be interchangeable these days anyway. And in honor of that grand and glorious institution, I’ve attached something for any practice you may be doing as part of your overall prepping. Remember, aim for the “9”. (Oh, how I miss JJ and Sierra Times….)

[As a matter of personal disclosure, my household and I will be flying NO flag on Monday – though if I had one, it’d be the Bonnie Blue, not the “other” blue one. However, I MAY print out several copies of the attachment and put the squirrels on notice that the backyard range will be hot. ;-) ]