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Freedom i can see how you made mistake i said high taxes on non local goods not high taxes on everything. local goods should be helped by zero or near nothing taxes. to rebuild you have to have something without protections new business wont survive rebirth. Only way for a good paying job in a start up is not having to compete against a dollar or less a day in wages, no prison labor that helps companies only the state or city they are in. I Guessed i should have used the proper term importation tariff.

A need to cut the paper work nightmares right now most companies small and medium have one or more people just filling out paper work for government then you have obama care night mare then insert alphabet soup agency then add tax code with 73,954 pages and how are you supposed to know even fraction of that? Tax code should be so simple a 9 year old could file it this monstrosity is what happens when lawyers run amok in government.

Freedom even if you could double the proven reserve (26.5 billion) x2 and pump every last barrel of oil of that 53 billion barrel and you could do it all at once with no energy cost. The usa use 7.08 billion per year and climbing at best on proven reserves you have 3-4 years if on optimistic you have 7-8 you really think usa could transition that fast? I would think not.

Then you ask where the tax base will come from well have you ever heard of CAFR
Look it up they the trillions hidden time to spend it on those who put it in there not into some politicians pocket.

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