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Trump is the only answer to the problem in the U. S. A. Oil has been stopped by the Obama presidency. The U. S. A. has more then enough oil. Also high taxes has not worked with Obama for 8 years. In the last 8 years what have we produced? Nothing! Trump’s economy is the right way to go, lower taxes, bring in the 3 to 4 Trillion dollars sitting offshore. Taking out the lop holes in the tax code which Trump plans to do and Hillary plans to keep for all her rich donors. Hillary just like Obama are all talk! They claim that they pull up the taxes on the rich but the real truth is that the rich but the rich are paying ZERO taxes because Obama and Hillary leave all the lop holes in the tax code so more lies from crooked Hillary. Trump told it like it is in the debate, why should he pay taxes when the tax code is setup by Obama and the democratic party for the rich. Hillary is all talk. She says one thing to the public and another in private to Wall Street she says another, like I will keep the tax code with all the lop hole for you.

Trump is not liked by the two parties because he is the only one that will take down the system that is geared for the elites and rich.