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Usa cant feed itself, if all us oil and gas production was used for farming alone it would not work as usa does not produce enough oil itself to self sustain let alone transport the goods to the market


look on right hand side the consumption vs production production is 13.34 million barrels a a day ALL PRODUCTION consumption is 19.6 million a day

http://alternativeenergy.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=001797 notice how much is uses and where there is no way to cut enough so that food production would not be impacted adversely even if you shut everything else down and we know that wont happen.

What is way more scary is look at the 2017 projection the gap is getting worse.

Whirl yes china produces crap lots of it but it also produces the building blocks of our modern world since we out sourced it to there. Think of all the electrical grid we dont make one transformer one generator not one computer chip not one length of wire. Is there anything left but the most small industry left that would grind to a halt without imported items?

Trumps plan a trickle down economy is crap in reality only one way to fix this is high taxes on everything not made local including parts that will bring jobs back because people still want goods, and if you can compete because of a protected market only the local people prosper and to hell with the multi nationals and cartel banking. Get back to what made usa great you still have a chance but not for long and not struggle free but the owners wont let you so you have a choice. They wont let go without a fight and you will be a slave without one so you choose.